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Firefighters play a vital role in the community. The Salinas Fire Department is responsible for protecting life, property, and the environment from the hazards of fire, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents. The Salinas Fire Department also provides firefighter paramedics who are trained to provide advanced life support. Salinas Fire crews are often the first persons to arrive at the scene of any incident in the city. They have the skills and confidence to perform effectively in emergency situations protecting the life and property of the residents. The Salinas Fire Department also educates the public in fire safety and prevention,
and enforces the safety codes designed to provide
a healthier and more secure environment for all.

All members of the Salinas Fire Department are committed to respond to any emergency at any time and with professionalism and excellence in training to bring the situation under control.

Salinas City limits cover approximately 23 square miles. The Salinas Fire Department presently has six stations with the plans and land allocated for station seven. Salinas has a contract with Monterey County Regional Fire Protection District (MCRFD) to provide fire protection services to a portion of their District. This brings the total protection area for Salinas to approximately 32 square miles.

The department operates with three platoons, (A, B, and C). Each platoon has Engine Companies that are made up of a Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter, with one of the members of the crew being a paramedic. This crew is the initial respondents to 911 calls for help. Each platoon has a Battalion Chief who commands the personnel on duty for their respective shifts. In 2012, these teams responded to a total of 11,327 calls with a minimum of 23 personnel assigned each day. Total suppression staffing for the Department is 97 personnel.

The department staffs six fire pumpers, a 105 foot ladder truck. In 2003, the Hazardous Materials team was reorganized as the "Monterey Operational Area Hazardous Materials Response Team". The team is divided into two divisions, the Inland Division and the Coastal Division. The department also has a Dry-Chem unit, a specialized unit for airport responses housed at station 4, which will also respond to airport emergencies. Station 5 houses a Type III wildland brush unit available for response within the city and for State Wide Mutual Aid requests.

The Salinas Fire Department has a minimum of 6 firefighter paramedics on duty each day who respond to all 911 calls for medical assistance. The quick response by firefighter paramedics on the fire engines stationed throughout the city provides more immediate care during those initial critical minutes of medical emergencies.

Providing for the overall management of the Fire Department is the Fire Administration. The Fire Administration is made up of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and 2 Administrative Assistants.  Due to budget cuts, the deaprtment has had their Training and Emergency Medical Services Battalion Chief position vacant for the last year and a half.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is committed to protecting the lives of citizens, emergency responders, property, environment, and business continuation. This is accomplished through comprehensive fire and life safety education, plan check, and fire code enforcement programs. The Fire Prevention staff conducts fire plans examination and inspections of new construction, and permitting and inspection of fire protection systems, hazardous operations, special events, and special occupancies.

One of Salinas Fire Department's primary goals is to promote fire safety in the home. The Fire Department uses a mix of published safety information, firehouse tours, school visits, Juvenile Firesetters Program, and Sparky the Fire Dog to get the fire and life safety message out. The Fire Prevention staff is also charged by State law to regularly inspect occupancies such as places of assembly, schools, multi-family dwellings, residential care facilities, and healthcare facilities.

Fire Chief Edmond Rodriguez emphasizes that the Fire Prevention staff take a balanced and uniform approach to application of the fire codes and regulations that affect the citizens, business, and the environment. The Bureau is currently staffed with three full-time fire inspectors, one part-time fire inspector, one part-time fire plan checker, and one part-time office technician. Currently the Fire Chief serves as the City's Fire Marshal.

Disaster preparedness is another responsibility of the Fire Department. Currently the Fire Chief and the department's CERT instructor are the Disaster Preparedness Officers for the City of Salinas. Through this appointment, they are responsible for and participate in the planning, development, and promotion of disaster preparedness plans and programs for the entire city.

The men and women of the Salinas Fire Department are committed to serving the residents of Salinas at any time, in any emergency with respect, trust, and dedication.