Salinas Vision Zero Action Plan

News Date: 
September 15, 2021

The roadmap to safer streets in Salinas!

Salinas City Council has approved a resolution adopting the Salinas Vision Zero Action Plan.  This Action Plan outlines the initiatives and actions that City departments and partner agencies will take to advance goals of the City’s Vision Zero Policy, reducing severe injury traffic collisions and fatalities on Salinas streets. 

What does this mean?  Although the City already actively implements safety projects, programs and efforts consistent with Vision Zero Policy, the Vision Zero Action Plan aligns with community feedback staff received from other planning efforts and uses data to identify priority projects.  In addition to building better and safer streets, the City is committed to educate the public on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws and adopt policy changes that saves lives.  The ultimate goal is create a culture that prioritizes traffic safety to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on Salinas streets. 

For more information and to stay informed on this City-wide effort to create safer streets in Salinas, please visit the Salinas Vision Zero Webpage: