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Measure X Project Inventory

  • Projects Funded By Measure X

Measure X Projects:

The Transportation Safety and Investment Plan (Measure X) from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County was approved on November, 2016. The measure is anticipated to generate an estimated $20 million annually for a total of $600 million over thirty years through a retail transactions and use tax of a three-eighths of one‑percent (3/8%). The revenue from the sales tax measure will be used to fund transportation safety and mobility projects in Monterey County. The revenues are split with 60% dedicated to local road maintenance, pothole repairs and safety projects, and 40% dedicated to regional safety and mobility projects. The estimated 30-year distribution for the City of Salinas is $91,383,000. Below are the City's projects that are funded by Measure X.

List of Measure X Funded Projects:

  • Williams Road Undergrounding/Street/Streetscape
  • Priority Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Calming Improvements
  • Traffic Signal - Alvin & Linwood
  • ADA Pedestrian Ramp
  • Bardin Road Safe Routes To School
  • E Alvin/Linwood/Maryal Routes
  • East Laurel Drive Sidewalk & Lights
  • Traffic Signal - Boronda & Sanborn Road Roundabout
  • Traffic Signal - Constitution & Las Casitas
  • Traffic Signal - Alisal & Murphy
  • ADA Traffic Signal Upgrades
  • Streetlight Installation
  • Traffic Signal - Williams Road & Garner Ave
  • E Boronda Rd Traffic Congestion Relief
  • Slurry Seal Improvements
  • Striping Improvements at City Streets
  • San Juan Grade Road Improvements
  • Downtown Complete Streets
  • Vibrancy Plan Infrastructure
  • Annual City Streets Rehab Program (MVF Tax 7360)
  • Traffic Signal Installation
  • Sidewalk & Drainage Repairs
  • Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements
  • Traffic Signal - N. Main St & Navajo Dr
  • Street Tree Trimming
  • Vision Zero Action Plan
  • Storm, Sewer Drain Repairs
  • Alisal St & Airport Multi-use Trail
  • Sherwood Dr & Front St Adaptive Control Streets

Tyler Street Sidewalk Repair 2017:

Tyler Street - Measure XTyler Street is the City's 7th JOC sidewalk repair project. This project removed and replaced sidewalk (~6,800 SF), curb and gutter (~770 LF), driveways and driveway approaches (~4000 SF), City trees (~40), and installed ADA compliant ramps (10) along both sides of Tyler Street, from East Laurel Street to the cul-de-sac to the south. The City’s arborist has examined different trees in an effort to save as many as possible and will be planting new trees to replace the lost ones.